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Alright guys a quick update's in order
1: The Subjects is till on Hiatus the first chapter script is about 30% complete and I don't want to keep drawing the comic until I Finnish the script

2: Since some people have actually enjoyed the comic related stuff I've posted, I've decided to make some mini comics and more quick sketches on the Subjects more info on that in the future.

3. I'm behind on thanking people for watching/favoriting. I'll get in that today

4: The undertale stuff is coming next, as well as some other fan-art.
There is mercy
DAWWWWWWW. I got to play around with some new effects that I learned from illustrating page 10 on the subjects, there's only one part left, and it's a mini comic, I may do more fan-stuff, but nothing super soon.
Other choices: 
Aww how sweet, now RESET:
Aww how sweet, now that we're done, I wonder if....
Aww, *grumbles* I'm hungry:
Awww, wait, why is Asgore picking up his trident?:
The Undertale mercy option is almost complete, if I don't get it to you later today, you should get it either Friday or Saturday, as for the Subjects, It's on a short hiatus while I edit the script, again guys thanks for watching!
Last final is tomorrow, and the Mercy option linework is about 50% done, expect to see the full thing sometime next week! I'll have some more time to work on art now that I won't have classes for the summer so expect to see more artwork soon!
Some early concept sketches of Yami, before she was going to be fairly tomboy-ish, her hair was shorter, she wore lipstick 100% of the time, and had tattoos (She still has tattoos but she had more), and she packed a knife rather than summoned a sword early on (some earlier sketches show this as well. The left most is the most sane version of her, and the one on the right is, subject 200....

The Subjects: Prequel script. . . so far. It is subject to change, pun totally intended

Day 1 of freedom:

Voice of random memory person 1: You need to--- Yami. You must. It is no longer safe here, I need to ------test subjects. No one can know of their existence! Oh god she’s here! AHHHHHH!

    ·         Yami abruptly wakes up from her nightmare. Her eyes dart back and fourth as she tries to remember her surroundings. She realizes she's leaning against something, it feels to her like a tree, who's leaves have been shading her as she slept. Yami tries to glance down at her body and she notices a strange suit is draped over her. The suit is a white, sleeveless onesie, with the number two-hundred stamped across her upper chest. Yami looks up again, only to notice she doesn’t know where she is; all around her is a large field of…. Grass, nothing for miles around her it seems, and not even another tree nearby. She tries to get up*

Yami: UGH!

    ·         Yami collapses back against the tree in pain, and slides down relaxing her muscles. She closes her eyes and concentrates, trying to remember how she got there and what happened.

Voice of random memory person 1: ARGHHHHH!

-Flash to next scene-

Voice of a Scientist: Hold still


    ·         A memory of Yami running toward a blurry beast*

    ·         Yami opens her eyes wide realizing she doesn’t even remember herself.

Yami: W-w-w; a-AHH-AHHH!

    ·         Yami begins flailing around trying to stand, trying to speak, but words don’t come, and neither do the right motions. Suddenly an intense pain stops her


Monster: ~rustle~

Yami: !...

    ·         Yami held still, as an unknown creature drew near behind. She couldn’t move her head to look behind her, and even if she could, she wouldn’t. Terror’s raise in her mind she tries to get up. Every movement is extremely painful, as if she was a corpse and hadn’t moved in centuries, now trying to defy logic by moving.

Monster: ~Ruuusssstle~

    ·         It was moving closer, but not quickly, Yami knew if she could move freely she could outrun it. For a second she was surprised at how quickly she calmed down, but didn’t dwell on it as her legs began to move slightly. Yami slammed her back against the tree, using it as a crutch to help her stand slowly.

Monster: ~Thump~ rustle rustle

                *She could hear its footsteps now, and soon she ran*

Yami: Huff! Huff! Huff!

Monster: ~thump thumpthump thump~

    ·         whatever it was, it was chasing her, and Yami had to get away, but where, she looked to her left and right, and nothing but tall grass. She kept running, hoping to at least put distance between her and the monster, luckily, she was outrunning it, until…*

Monster 2: CRACK!

    ·         another monster tackled her from the side, whatever the creature was, it's body felt hard like a microwave-sized stone making her stumble, but she quickly caught her feet and continued running*

Yami: Wha- what are… huff! You!?

    ·         She took a moment to look around, she noticed multiple patches of moving grass going after her, not just the two, five in total, three in front one to the side, and one to her immediate right, the one that tackled her. As Yami ran, she kept a vigilant eye out for any other monsters, making sure not to be attacked again.

Yami: What animal…

    ·         Suddenly she fell. In that moment she realized the endless grasslands were not endless, but rather located at a peak of a mountain, and without looking where she was going, Yami fell down a mountain as she rolled down violently. Eventually her body stops at the foot of the mountain, tired, dazed and confused, She looks down at her arms, only to see her left forearm is broken and bleeding*

Yami: what are….

    ·         She blacks out

Day 2 of Freedom:

                * Yami dreams of flashing images of her memories, scattered, unclear and unfocused. She remembers men in lab coats, she remembers images, a small village, and a large building, but she doens't recall or even recognize going there herself. Soon her memories stop shifting and she dreams of her own face, Yami gets a good look at her own long black hair that stops just below her shoulders, slightly pale face, and defined nose. Her eyes closed, but she can tell she's not even conscience here She appears to be looking at her reflection through glass. Suddenly dream Yami's eyes open to reveal an inky blackness. The image wakes her up, she quickly sits up, only to wince in pain at her arm*

Yami: AH-OUCH!

    ·         Yami slowly stands, using another nearby tree as her crutch, she sees ahead of her lies a forest, this time not just tall grass, but tall trees strewn about as well, keeping most of the sunlight from the evening hidden, and behind her, is the tall mountain where she fell from.

Yami: Well, I’m not going back there with those…. THINGS.

  • Yami takes another look at herself, She's all scratched up, scratches and bruises she didn't even remember being there before blacking out. She stops, realizing something.

Yami: Wait, I can speak!. . . Now where am I? Hell WHO am I is a better question. What are those dreams I keep having?...

    ·         Yami starts walking, clutching her arm, she’s hesitant at the first step, scared of the pain she felt the last time she awkoe, but there is none, and she walks on talking to herself.*

Yami: Why am I in a bathing suit? Is this even a bathing suit? What where those things chasing me? Where are… where are..

    *she begins to panic*

Yami: Where is my family?! What is my name!? Why can I only remember little images!? Sigh……

    ·         she continues walking through the wilderness until she reaches a tangle of brush and vines, blocking the way. Yami gets an Idea. She takes one of the vines and makes a makeshift Brace for her arm. And then she stops for a moment, realizing something else.

Yami: How do I know how to make a brace? 
Yami's thoughts: Maybe I should stop talking to myself

    ·         she continues to clear, until a bright light appears from the area cleared*

Yami: And-

    ·         Yami pauses, She looks up to see a tall creature looking back at her, made of. . . grass. The creature was built similarly to an naturally large bear. It had short, Stubby, arms and feet, and walked on all fours, however there was no discernible mouth or nose, just two glassy black sockets in its grassy body resembling eyes on a large bulb-shaped head*

Yami: um-

  • Suddenly the monster Showed its mouth, a large gaping black hole, devoid of teeth as it roared.

Monster 3: ROAAAR!!!!


Day 4 of freedom

    ·         It’s a quiet evening in the strange woods. Yami has made a makeshift dwelling made from rocks, a tree, and leaves. She paces back and fourth in the grass, talking, to herself. Her hair has become frazzled now, her suit worn and torn in random places, but this doesn't really bother her as she speaks aloud.

Yami: Sigh….. Four days. And still nothing. Not. A. single. Person.

    ·         Yami sits, hand in chin

Yami: Ughh. This is so frustrating. I know how to make a brace for my broken arm, I know how to make a campsite to survive in the wild, I'm starting to recall certain terms like...

  • She begins to look at the animals sleeping nearby
Yami: Squirrel. Bird. and others like..... cow, and pig.

    ·         Yami sits up

Yami: But I don’t remember anything, I don't know how I know these things, I don’t remember my life, my job, my friends, or even creatures like you Evergreen

    ·         Suddenly the large grass monster apparates behind Yami and roars, only to kneel beside her to be pet

Yami: I mean know things, but I don't REMEMBER them. Does that make sense?

    ·         Evergreen looks at her, an oblivious, gleeful look in its…..eyes…. holes?

Yami: whatever…I'm tired of waiting for people.  I'm going to start walking tomorrow


Day 13 of freedom

    ·         Yami is riding the beast, Evergreen through the forest, she’s now dressed in forestry garb mixed with the remnants of her old suit, the suit still covering her shoulders and chest, as well as her waist, but everything else worn down, A large leaf covers her belly and is tied around her using some more vines. Her shoulders have a leafy shaw covering them. 

Evergreen (Monster 3): Gwaaar….

Yami: I know bud, I know we’re almost there. I scouted it nearby.

    ·         After a while Yami and Evergreen, the monster, Reach a river. All around them animals are drinking from the water, and then they stop, looking at Evergreen. Yami dismounts the creature, and the beast begins to not drink, but absorb some of the water, as it does it grows greener, and slowly morphs into the ground, sprouting into grass and edible berries for Yami and the wildlife, and shrinking down until it looks like nothing more than grass and fruit, after evergreen is done Yami sips some of the water herself. After drinking she looks at her reflection in the water, and gets a good look at her eyes. They are a dark purple tint, with long, pointed eyelashes. She lays down next to the patch of grass, plucking fruit with her good arm.

Yami: Thank you evergreen. We can rest here if you want and -YAWN- gain our strength. 

    ·         Yami falls asleep


Day 20 of freedom:

    ·         Yami is now in full forest clothes, leaf like garb covers her from head to toe, she's even woven shoes from some plants that evergreen sprouted for her. she looks at evergreen and pats its head as it climbs a mountain. Once they get to the top, she climbs off evergreen, and runs ahead as Evergreen morphs into the grass below.

Yami: I’m starting to get worried Evergreen. Its been weeks and not even a sign of people. And whats worse is for all of these survival skills I seem to recall, I don't really remember being taught by anybody. What if there ARE no more people?

    ·         Yami begins walking faster

Yami: I mean, I just wake up in some random place that seems so untouched and perfect? No cut down trees? no signs of civilization!? What if I’ve survived weird apocalypse but everyone else died!? That would explain why there are weird grass monster mutants.

    ·         Evergreen pokes out its head from the grass below. The creature eyes Yami looking worried

Evergreen: gwaaass drwooon~

Yami: S-sorry Evergreen, I know you’re not a mutant, I-I just -sniff- I'm scared…

    ·         Yami begins to cry, and Evergreen grows larger and nuzzles Yami, and she eventually smiles.

Yami: sniff- Thank you.

    ·         Suddenly there’s a rustle, Evergreen and Yami’s expressions grow hard. Evergreen grows to full size, and Yami readies a makeshift stone knife. The two of them stand, back to back.

Yami: Who’s there!

    ·         Silence, then rustling, then more silence, then more rustling. Until A monster like evergreen, but earthen jumps from the grass and tackles Yami. She stumbles, but catches her feet before she falls. As she regains her footing, three more reveal themselves. She recalls facing an enemy like this before. They are a bit smaller than evergreen in Size, but made of assorted rocks of different colors. There are four of them in total, Yami's unsure if these are the same creatures or new ones, each of them had cuts around their bodies, seeming that they fought often with their prey.

Yami: these things again.

    ·         Yami recounts flashbacks of when she woke up and was chased off a cliff from these monsters. She's unsure if these are the exact same monsters, but she doesn't care.

Yami: Alright. Rematch.


Day 33 of freedom

    ·         Yami and evergreen walk side-by-side, Evergreen bounds forward, excitedly as Yami watches and walks with it.

Yami: what’s got you all worked up huh buddy?

Evergreen: Groooo!

    ·         Evergreen skids behind a tree and Yami follows, only to see a spring of water. She looks around, and notices the spring is completely hidden to the naked eye, It's only route in is guarded by tree's and leaves. It's even shaded by the tree's above, as if the forest itself didn't want people to find the spring.

Yami: you’re this excited over water?

    ·         Evergreen softly bites Yami’s arm, pulling her toward the spring. Accidentally nudging her broken arm.

Yami: ARGH! Evergreen!

Evergreen: Gwooo~

    ·         Yami could tell the creature wanted her to get in the water, so she did. The water was perfect, as if It where a perfectly prepared tub, Yami swam around it slowly, letting her hair smooth out. Suddenly, the pain in Yami’s arm was gone. She shot up from the spring, and quickly unbandaged her arm. It was healed. Not only that, Yami felt. . . Rejuvenated, not only were all of her injuries healed, but she felt as if she could take on the entire world.

Yami: What-

    ·         She was interrupted by Evergreen tackling her, and nuzzling to her side.

Yami: Thanks Evergreen

Yami thoughts: what happened to the world?


Day 36 of freedom.

    ·         Evergreen walks slowly between a canyon as Yami follows close behind. She notices Evergreen has slowed it’s pace down.

Yami: You ok? You’re moving a lot slower than usual.

    ·         Evergreen looks at Yami, and then looks forward again

Evergreen: TdwIii da Gwoooo.

Yami: I may not understand you, but I know when you’re solemn, what’s wrong?

    ·         Evergreen kept walking, not even looking at Yami this time.

Yami: Fine don’t tell me, moody.

    ·         Evergreen and Yami turn toward a corner in the canyon crack, and Yami’s expression shifts from pouty to excited. Beyond the Canyon is…. A fence, A fence that goes off into the horizon.

Yami: A fence? A FENCE!!!! Wait that means … PEOPLE!!!!! EVERGREEN THERE’s…

    ·         As Yami turns to look at the grassy beast, it sits. Looking at her, with a sad look in its eye. It’s strange, Yami’s never seen her friend sit down, it’s always morphed into the grass below rather than rest in a physical form.

Yami: What’s wrong Evergreen?

Evergreen: Tdwiii da Gwoooo

Yami: I don’t…

Evergreen: Gwooo, GWOOOO…. GOOOOO

Yami: Y-You’re not coming with me?

    ·         The best solemnly shakes its head, as Yami’s eyes tear up. Yami snaps


    ·         The beast nuzzles her forehead and sprouts a single, glowing flower from its head and sticks it in her hair

Evergreen: GOOOOO

    ·         Yami hugs the beast, her only friend since waking up, the only thing she really got to know over the month her life started, or restarted.

Yami: Goodbye my friend...

    ·         Yami begins to walk away, at first looking toward the beast as it sits and sees her off, and then turning when she can’t take anymore. And then she hears a faint whisper, a soft female voice.

Strange voice: Goodbye my friend

    ·         Yami turns, and Evergreen is gone.




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Hello fellow Devaiants, I am Jairartis and it is my goal to become a better artists in all of the fields I practice. Right now I am very confident in my portrait drawings, but I'd like to better myself in other fields of art like digital art and illustration. I urge, no, wait, I motivate you to leave constructive criticism to all of my art. Thanks for reading and watching!


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