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WTF >:000000
tagged by dis salty hoe >:u
1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. Your OC SHOULD NOT lie.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".
4. When you’re done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun !
I'm using my little sexy hoe Dr Irina  >:3
1. What is your real name and nickname?
- Irina Eve Wyles…People mostly calling me Doctor Irina since I'm a doctor,but please don't call me Eve.
2. Interesting... What's your current age?
- 45,I was being killed when I'm 34.
3. What's your favorite food?
- Chocolates.
Creator :  That's not a healthy food !! >:u
4. And your favorite drink?
- Coffee especially cappuccino,wine,whiskey.
5. Confession time! Who's your lover ?~
- Umm.....
Secret lover : HeartbreakerWoman © MikuPapercraft
Husband : Carlton © ArtistGamerMage
Sexypasta's : Ellis © StoryCatt
6. Have you kissed anyone yet?
- Yes.
7. What about your childhood, sweetheart?
- ...
8. Who's your favorite author?
- Not sure.
:iconboxgirlvivi:BoXGirlVivi 8 27
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Cool stuff that inspires me.


:iconart-fantasies: :iconportrait-lovers: :iconomiartists: :iconcreation-inspiration:


God it's been a while, sorry guys, I've been back in college for about a month and ALMOST neglected all of the projects I started completely. Good news is, I have actually gotten a lot of progress done on The Subjects, but other than that, yeah not much to report. But hey! I'm alive!
Jocomotion is a alias that I use whenever I play online games and when I thought of this little horned blob creature It's name seemed too perfect to fit, so I decided to draw up a quick picture of it and it turned out pretty good.
Quick update, the next peak of the subjects should be up soon, I've also finally sketched the My hero academia fan art I've been wanting to do and in the moment it's in the illustrator being worked on, other than that not much to report.
I've been learning how to use Photoshop for the time being as well as getting ready to go back to college so my update schedule has been slowed down to a near halt the past week and a half.
I was finally able to download Photoshop! It's kind of weird, it's both easier and harder to use than illustrator. It's a lot more straightforward with its features, but it also has a LOT more features. For example in illustrator if you want to color all your lines must be closed, and you can't freely edit/erase your lines, and your lines are all separate and movable.. while in Photoshop you just choose how your line looks and draw.
Yami the Surviour
Some art to go with the story here Not sure if I'll keep doing this, but it WAS pretty fun, so I'm not-not saying it either. Just something random and fun for me to do.
The last of the interviews, for now anyway. Expect to see more as more characters are introduced to the comic! Last but certainly not least is the comical yet mysterious Alphonse!

1. What is your real name and nickname?
My name is Alphonse, But my friends call me Al. Oh and my last name is Gerardo. Proud name, don't forget it.

2. Interesting... What's your current age?

3. What's your favorite food?
   "RIBS!, well actually.... all barbeque is great, but Ribs are the best."

4. And your favorite drink? 
    "Anything fizzy and sweet"

5. Confession time! Who's your lover ?~
    "Who is...." Alphonse sighs "Let's just say I haven't met the right girl for me yet. Despite a lot of people asking." Alphonse looks really solemn. "And I do mean a lot..."

6. Have you kissed anyone yet?
    Alphonse frowns. "Yes. It was both the best moment of my life, yet I regret every second that it happened. It's a long story. And it ends with why I hide my right eye" Alphonse points to his bandaged right eye.

7. What about your childhood, sweetheart?
    Alphonse tightens his fist. "Alright you wanna know about my childhood? Fine. I was the child of a wealthy and powerful mother and father, who I don't even see any more. I've probably only seen them about five times each my entire life. I was raised by staff, who where kind, but unable to care for me like a child should be cared for. I was to marry a rich powerful bride, and I was to take on the family business as a international trader. HOW DO YOU THINK IT WAS MATE!?"

8. Who's your favorite author?
    "J.K. Rowling has my deepest respect"

9. Now, what's your biggest fear?
    "You know, I really don't think I have one. I've been all around the world, fought monsters, demons, monster demons, and a bunch else while traveling with the team. I haven't ever been-" A hanging spider hovers in front of Alphonse's face "GAHHHHH!!!! getitawayGETITAWAY GET IT AWAY!!!!"

10. Any siblings?
    "No, you see, I was the first born, and since I was a boy, my mother and father saw no more need in having more children. They really wanted me to continue the family legacy."

11. OK, who's your worst enemy?
    "My worst enemy is that snake Cassio, she-" Alphonse bites his lip. "I can't prove it but she's tore my family apart, manipulated my friends and I, and killed many people who where close to me."

12. Huh, alright. Now who's your best friend?
    "No matter what answer I give you, A girl's going to slap me across the face. But probably Jay."

13. Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?
    "My my, what an open-ended question I assume you mean a god of some sort ya?" Alphonse leans back in his chair. "Hmmm, I. Don't. Know. I have no particular reason to like or hate them... and if you're not talking about a god that means you know something I don't." Alphonse looks directly at the interviewer. "Is that true?"

14. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
    "Alright ignore my question, that's fine. I want to find the secrets of this world, the blink changed a lot, and I've seen some pretty amazing things, as well as some gruesome ones."

15. What's your worst nightmare?
    Alphonse looks down, keeping his right eye hidden as always. "Friend, I know this is an interview, but you REALLY don't want to know the answer to that question."

16. What's your lifelong dream?
    "Probably to fix my eye. If that could happen I'd have much less of a headache."

17. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
    "ADVENTURE WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD. Eat what I want, Sleep where I want, Do whatever I want."

18. OK, where's your favorite place to relax?
    "Relax? You're not going to ask where my favorite place to be is instead? Well, I did enjoy the gardens at my father's mansion, even though I wasn't supposed to I would always nod off in the grass there when I was a kid."

19. Last question! What do you do most of the time?
    "there's the question I was looking for! Well, I'm the teams close combat expert so when I'm not on a mission, I'm practicing my weapon expertise. Or looking for another team member to bug, whichever floats my boat."


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Hello fellow Devaiants, I am Jairartis and it is my goal to become a better artists in all of the fields I practice. Right now I am very confident in my portrait drawings, but I'd like to better myself in other fields of art like digital art and illustration. I urge, no, wait, I motivate you to leave constructive criticism to all of my art. Thanks for reading and watching!


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